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October, 2015 News  


Back to the Future

Amazing!  85 House of Colour Personal stylists gathered together to celebrate 30 years of this inspiring company.  There was time travel, practical sales training, challenges to move forward into the future with our practices, a champagne reception, red carpet, a 1980’s themed evening with Miss Madonna. And of course LOTS and LOTS of colour!  We were also making videos.

Our company purpose is Empowering Through Colour and Style and sharing time together with others who can really testify to this having happened in their own lives is humbling and very exciting.  House of Colour exists to unlock the potential of human confidence and it was delightful to see a really practical example of this during the conference weekend.

40 of our stylists were interviewed and videoed.  They had prepared their stories and were pulled out of the main sessions in time for their interviews.  As they waited their turn I could see from the front that they sat a little nervous and slightly distracted and then as each one returned they were saying ‘Oh it was easy!  It was brilliant!  I did it!’  They stood up tall having experienced something new, something that was outside their comfort zone and most importantly something they had opted in to and invested in for themselves.  I could see their confidence levels had grown in the minutes they had been outside the conference room.  They had added another string to the bow of their lives and stood taller, better equipped to take on the world.  I felt immensely proud of all of them.

Every year our annual conference inspires everyone who attends. Imagine being together with 85 other Personal Stylists who all look amazing. There’s such learning about how every individual expresses themselves through their appearance. We gain so much that we can use with our clients and we do laugh a LOT!  But the most precious thing for me this year was seeing that example of what we do with our clients day in and day out – offering opportunities for change which when embraced, unlock the confidence that is within.

Helen Venables