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July, 2021 Colour Analysis  


Have you noticed that children often know which colours suit them?  It’s interesting to think of our own childhood choices. When, in my thirties, I discovered I looked best in warm, earthy colours, but (shudder) was dressing in cool rose pinks, lilacs and powder blue, to name but a few, I cast my mind back to clothes I had loved as a young child. I had twirled with joy in a forest green circular corduroy skirt trimmed with geranium red, spent a sunny Summer in a buttercup yellow smocked dress and couldn’t be separated from my coral coat. Those were all perfect warm, earthy hues which I know now are Autumn colours and suit me best. Then I lost my way. It’s not unusual!

Why does this happen? Various influences come into play. A school uniform might turn us off a particular colour. Pinks and other “Disney Princess” colours may cast their spell. People we admire or dislike can affect our views.  A scary teacher who sported purple head to toe ( literally – hair and toenails included!) gave my daughter negative feelings about that fabulous colour. As we grow older we pay heed to myths such as ‘you can’t go wrong with a little black dress (LBD)’ or ‘every woman looks smart in a crisp white shirt’. Trends in colours during our teenage years also shape our lasting opinions.

Parents often unwittingly dress their children in colours that they themselves love, rather than colours that love their offspring. Many clients tell me they followed dictums from their Mum (yes, it usually is Mum) such as ‘no red with auburn hair’ or ‘any blue looks good with your blue eyes.’ Recently a beautiful woman who discovered she suits warm yellows and greens realised that her mother had steered her away from those, which as a child where her favourites. Her mother unwittingly encouraged her toward the cool, bright colours that looked best on herself.

So my advice to you is, to let girls and boys, however young, choose colours for themselves. Or even better treat them to a Mini Colour Analysis so that all subjectivity is removed!

During this fun session they will discover their best colour season and will learn about all their possible colours. The information can be comprehensive or abbreviated, depending on the child’s age and interest. A colour booklet is included and purchase of a colour wallet optional.

Every young person will understand that they will not look really bad in any colour. This session, like all sessions, offers guidance and gentle advice. When they understand the colours that make them shine, their confidence will increase giving the shyest child the key to looking and consequently feeling good for any important event. They will have an edge on their peers. The information will last for their lifetime.

As many young people are now keen to have a sustainable wardrobe, they will have the tools to help them shop sustainably. They will also save time and money. The session can either be an exclusive one to one consultation or is a wonderful birthday gift for a small group.

I’ll leave the last word to a lovely client whom I’ve known for over twenty years. Having experienced the benefits of her own Colour Analysis she gave it as a birthday gift to each of her grandchildren, both girls and boys.

They are all grown up now and she has observed the value of the knowledge gained, as each moved forward through education and into their careers.

‘I think that Colour Analysis is the greatest gift for any young person. We have such fond memories of our visits to you.’

No one is ever too young or too old to experience the joy and benefits of Colour Analysis.

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Blog written by Fiona Ingham,

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