Five Ways to Boost your Confidence this Summer

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August, 2021 Colour Analysis Personal Style  


Stepping into summer can be scary for many, particularly when there has been little sunshine to give us a boost of our vitamin D. This year, that move is compounded as we’re also emerging from a long hibernation where socialising and going out hasn’t been the norm. Many will take gentle small steps, feeling their way as they go. As we open up, others will dive back to normality with ease, and continue as they did pre-pandemic. Here are some tips to help you navigate your way through, what we hope will be warmer, longer and more sociable days.

Wear clothes that fit

The size label on clothing should be used as a guide only. All clothes are mass-produced, all women (and men) are not. Not all clothes are made in the same way by the same manufacturer. There is a diversity in how clothes are put together and variety in how they are sized. Always try several sizes to ensure that the garment fits properly. If they’re too small for you, you’ll be uncomfortable and the clothes will look cheaper. If they’re too big, they will swamp you and look untidy. You should be able to move easily and sit down without the garment gaping or stretching too much. Find a great alterations service and build that investment into your budget. That way your clothes will always look good on you. 

If you don’t like shorts, don’t wear shorts

Be wary of those fashion tips suggesting that we can all wear shorts or a shirt dress or a white shirt. The truth is that your style is personal to you. You need to wear the clothes that honour your personality, what you stand for and your body architecture. Some women move effortlessly into shorts as soon as the weather warms up. That said, there are many more short styles available than ever before. Choose a pair that sit comfortably with you. Or find capri length trousers, skirts or dresses as elegant substitutes. Choose natural fibres like linen or cotton to keep you cool. Natural fibres are breathable (and more environmentally friendly).

One of the best feelings in the world is when you find that piece of clothing that you love and you know loves you back, regardless of what fashion is doing. The key is to understand what is right for you so you will feel wonderful.

Opt for a bold colour

Wearing colours that flatter you means that the worst you will look is good every day. Even when armed with that information, there may be a resistance to wear the brightest and boldest colours from your colour group. Find a top in one of your brighter colours to add impact and watch how you will radiate and glow. Or, add a bold lip for a smaller impact. Find the best colour from your season to add a dash wherever you go.

Add some bronzer
Bronzer is one of those items at the make-up counter that people like the idea of but aren’t quite sure what to do with. The House of Colour bronzer suits all skin tones and is an easy way to achieve a sun-kissed look without appearing to have added tangerine. Instead, it blends easily to give a natural just-holidayed glow. Use a kabuki brush to build it up gently to achieve the look you’d prefer on your face and décolletage. Not only does is it easy to apply evenly to your skin, it feels weightless so you won’t know you’re wearing it.

Carry a blanket
We’re in the middle of an outdoor summer – for eating and entertainment. The weather doesn’t always do what we’d like it to do. If you step outside and can feel the chill then it’s wise to layer up.

  • The sleeveless knit is perfect for layering over a t-shirt, shirt or shirt-dress
  • Wear a colourful coat – hang it nonchalantly around your shoulders
  • Consider a shacket – a cross between a shirt and jacket – it can be layered over a dress or knitwear for an up to date utility look
  • Wear your knee length boots with a summery dress. Prevent your legs from freezing and when worn with a mini dress you’ll achieve a retro 60s look.

Alternatively, the new accessory is a blanket. Find a colourful one, carry it in an exciting bag and you’ll be toasty whatever the weather.

Blog written by Maria Macklin, consultant for Monaghan / Louth Ireland
+353 87 278 9547