Gift vouchers: the perfect present

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December, 2021 Capsule Wardrobe Colour Analysis  


I was listening to Martin Lewis yesterday as he was advising gifting cash rather than vouchers.  He had reservations about the shelf life of a voucher and the risk of a retailer going bust during these uncertain times.  While I value his advice, I disagree with his views on gift vouchers. There’s something very impersonal about offering cash in an envelope and although my teenage nephews might prefer this it’s not something I would give a close friend or a discerning relative.

Vouchers can be super thoughtful.  My daughter loves them and so do I.  You’re given permission to spend on a treat just for you.  Giving a House of Colour voucher will demonstrate to the recipient that you are giving something unique, that you have thought about the recipient and recognise their love of all things stylish and colourful.  The vouchers are hugely versatile so can be given to either a new or an existing client and can be redeemed against any available service or product.  What’s more you are essentially supporting an independent business woman and not some faceless retailer giant.

Many of my clients in Worcestershire tell me that it was a House of Colour Voucher that changed their life.  Yes, changed their life! 

Jo (not me) says “My first House of Colour experience was bought for me by my Godmother as a birthday present.  We went for a colour analysis together and it was a fabulous (and hilarious) experience.  It was most certainly life changing.  I’ve since had a style consultation, a wardrobe edit and a colour re-rate and would love more.  Dear Santa, I’ve been a good girl…………….”

Julie agrees. “My birthday voucher has made such a difference to my life”, and adds “I have saved so much money and time shopping and feel so much happier and confident.” Many House of Colour clients call it the gift of confidence. Sian adds that a consultation is so good particularly for those who may be shy in indulging themselves.  She has been using vouchers to buy her perfect makeup over the years and has gifted vouchers to her daughter too. 

Angie says “My daughter treated me to a colour and style package for my 60th.  It has made such a difference to the way I shop and the clothes I wear.  We both really enjoy shopping together now”. This really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Imagine a gift that enables you to start every day choosing an outfit you know is perfect for you!  Whether you are walking the dog, popping to the gym, shopping, and lunching with friends or making it happen at work, you can sashay through the day knowing your outfit is saying what you want it to say and you are feeling GOOOOD.  It’s so important that we can introduce the feelgood factor into our everyday routines and this is one sure fire way of doing it.  I mean, you do get dressed every day don’t you?

I can’t think of anything more perfect to deliver to someone I care about.

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Blog written by Jo Gaffney, consultant for Worcester