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November, 2021 Make-up  


When did you last think about your make-up? Do you wear make-up every day? And if you do ‘put your face on’ every day, as my mum would say, when was the last time you changed your daily make-up routine?

Did you know that House of Colour has a wide range of amazing makeup products? The House of Colour make-up is designed to colour match perfectly to your warm or cool skin tone and when applied will give you that ‘just finished, polished look’. But where do you start?

Judi Prue, Personal Stylist and Colour Consultant from House of Colour Rickmansworth talks us through our top 5 best-selling makeup products that we recommend you have in your make-up bag today.

Let’s start with our star product – PRIMER (£29.15)

The Primer is like a little pot of gold. With silk as a key ingredient this product glides over the skin and evens out all the little fine lines our skin creates over time. Used as an essential base product under our foundations, this primer will help your foundation go on smoothly but also ensures it stays in place all day. And a small amount of primer goes a long, long way.

With your skin primed and ready to go, next you need to apply a great foundation. Some women prefer liquid foundations or BB creams, but at House of Colour we also have an amazing dual action compact mineral powder (£23.95). With three different ways to apply, this product works hard in every make-up bag.

The dual action foundation is best applied with a House of Colour Kabuki brush. Once applied it provides a light coverage. For a slightly heavier look the dual mineral can be used wet, giving this product its ‘dual’ action.

Lots of women skip using blusher. But I’ll let you into my best kept secret. Applying blusher correctly will give your face the structure and definition that a mini facelift would give you! Don’t underestimate the power of blusher.

House of Colour blushers (£12.15), are available in warm and cool shades and are colour matched to your skin tone in natural daylight using our ear guide! Yes, that’s right. We harmonise your best coloured blusher to the tip of your ear to get the best match. Each of our four colour seasons has at least four specifically matched blusher tones from which to choose.

Did you also know that only 1/4 of the population looks great in black mascara? But for ¾ of the population, brown mascara works much better. At House of Colour our brown mascara (£14.65) is very popular. It glides on well and gives great long-lasting coverage. Using brown mascara softens the eyes whereas black can look quite harsh and close the eye up making it look smaller. A great mascara will open up your eyes. The dual end brown mascara comes with a primer to give your lashes even more length and definition and has the added benefit of being waterproof. Better still, it is easy to take off at the end of the day. This is a product I certainly wouldn’t be without.

The ultimate power tool in my make-up bag is my House of Colour lipstick (£13.95). And the best thing about the lipsticks is there are several colours to match everyone. From the deepest NEW all season, True Red, to our soft peach spring shimmer No:22, our favourite, rich, warm No:5 Autumn rust, our popular winter No:61 & No:62 bright pinks, and our soft summery peony lipstick No:714.

The lipsticks can be applied with a good lip-brush, blotted with tissue then powdered using your dual action foundation. Apply more lipstick with a lip brush for a long-lasting lipstick look.

If you only leave home with one piece of make-up on, make sure it’s your lipstick! It will light up your face and put you right into focus. There are plenty of colours for you to choose from – whatever your season.

BUT understanding your most flattering colours is not a pre-requisite to using our 5 most popular make-up products. Our base of nationwide consultants can help you choose the right products just for you. Simply visit: to find your nearest consultant. Why wait? If your make-up bag needs a fresh injection, you’ll find all our make-up products, as well as our 5 best sellers at: And if you have a consultant, remember to add your consultant code at the checkout to get a 30% discount off our web shop prices.

Remember, value who you are and live life in colour, your best colours and make-up.

Blog written by Judi Prue, consultant for Rickmansworth / Northwood / Stanmore
07904 347847