How House of Colour Improved my Life and Wardrobe

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March, 2021 Capsule Wardrobe Colour Analysis Personal Style  


Before my sessions with House of Colour I would look in the wardrobe and feel overwhelmed. My wardrobe was jam packed, but I still could not decide what to wear. Each day was a boring black work suit, pale shirt, striped jumpers and jeans at the weekend and the same little black number for evenings out with friends. I felt invisible.

Caught in a permanent cycle of overbuying, each payday would be the same, spending time and money treating myself to new clothes that made me feel good for two minutes. I never managed to create any exciting new outfits.

Invitations to a wedding or evenings out would fill me with dread – what can I wear? I would buy something new. Little did I know I was always making the same mistakes. Buying unflattering colours and styles that didn’t make me feel or look good.

I would study fashion trends trying to recreate the look and by the time I had managed to get some of the key pieces the fashion trend had moved on. It always felt as though I was rummaging around in someone else dressing up box. None of it felt that it reflected me.

In March 2014 I got engaged and it was my turning point. My mum gifted me a colour analysis and style session as an engagement present and my House of Colour journey began.

The House of Colour sessions not only changed my wardrobe but also my mindset. I now shop with good habits, buying items that I know will work for me and go well with clothes I already own. It saves time and money when you know your colours and style. I have made a few mistakes along the way an oversized fluffy striped jumper to name one. Great Autumn colours but not my style!

Fast forward 7 years and two beautiful children later, my wardrobe has adapted through pregnancy, being a new mum, and returning to work. I love my style and don’t feel mumsy or frumpy. I get such a buzz from opening the wardrobe and planning an outfit from what I already own. It is less effort to get dressed now. I’m doing my bit for the planet too as I shop mindfully. New purchases are about keeping my look current, picking from fashion the very best of the trends that I know work for me and my wardrobe.

House of Colour has been a huge positive in my life. I became a consultant so that I can pass on this amazing knowledge to future clients of my own and 

help them to start their journey.

Blog written by Sophia Carter, House of Colour Gloucestershire
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