How to build a confidence boosting wardrobe

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April, 2021 News Personal Style  


Confidence that lasts a lifetime

Do you subconsciously hide in neutral colours or black? Are you ready to emerge from lockdown in style?

Dress to Express – we live in a visual world where image speaks before we do. At House of Colour we are known for transforming how people look and feel. Our personal stylists are catalysts for positive change, once you have identified which colours and styles really work for you, you instantly feel better in your own skin. As a result, knowing you look the best gives you renewed self-confidence, enhanced self-esteem and allows you to feel comfortable and secure. We help our clients connect their inner personality to their outer persona.

Personal Brand – People buy people and that is helped when

 people show up confidently and authentically. Personal brand is what people say about you when you have left the room. Aligning your personality with your brand builds trust at speed. When you bring your authentic self to the table, people will trust you and as we all know trust is at the heart of all business relationships. How do you want to be perceived? It’s vital to know who you are so you can communicate that consistently.  We start with YOU and end in your wardrobe – a lifetime investment.

Visible versus Invisible – creating the right first impression is important (you don’t get a second chance) 67% of which is visual. Take control on how you want to be perceived and reveal the best you. By standing out in a positive way and being memorable for all the right reasons.

Judgement – everything you wear is giving off messages about your credibility, knowledge, trustworthiness, success. We are hard wired to make instant judgements without even realising. It’s really important to know your audience and the formality of the occasion.

Colour of confidence – The right colours make you feel positive about yourself, appear healthy and vibrant which means people are more likely to buy into your confidence and leadership qualities giving you a competitive edge.

Accessorising takes the ordinary to extraordinary. Dress for success in business. Elevate an outfit to impactful and interesting. Invest in quality – it’s all in the details. You are perceived to be more credible, competent and trustworthy.

Top Tips

1) Universal red suits everyone and is so powerful in the workplace.

2) Quality speaks loudly eg tops, jackets and accessories. The subliminal message ‘you are worth it’

3) One impact colour with two neutrals is a good rule of thumb. Add an extra colour in your accessories eg belt, shoes, scarf or bag. Making a statement without talking.

I invite you to experience a colour and style analysis designed for women and men of all ages – you will feel confident and uplifted. Employers are increasingly offering their employees style and colour days to build loyalty and help build employee confidence to ensure individual personalities shine through helping to deliver their company brand. Are you ready for your journey of self-discovery?

Blog written by Julie Jackson, House of Colour

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