Ideas for Adding Colour into Your Workout Wardrobe

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March, 2021 Capsule Wardrobe Colour Analysis Personal Style  


With many of us currently creating makeshift exercise spaces and practising home workouts, the activewear trend is one that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. And with spring and warmer weather on the horizon, now is the perfect time to inject a little colour into your workout wardrobe to reflect the changing of the seasons.  

At House of Colour, we’ve put together some ideas for how to do this below – with a little inspiration from Olympian Denise Lewis’ debut activewear range with Next.

Why should I bring colour into my activewear outfits?

Studies have shown that the outfits we wear can have a big impact on productivity and confidence, with certain colours and shades making us feel stronger and more capable when carrying out tasks. Red, for example, can make people appear confident, in charge and full of vitality (you can read more about wearing red here).

Though many of these studies have been carried out in relation to our jobs, that doesn’t mean to say the learnings ring any less true when applied to other lifestyle activities like exercising.

When working out, we want to feel confident and capable. Since colour can often impact performance and productivity, it’s therefore important to invest in exercise clothing in the right colours – ones that make us feel empowered and help us to perform at our very best. So, how can we inject a little colour into our workouts?

  • Invest in patterned leggings

One of the easiest ways to bring colour into your activewear outfits is through leggings. From stars and stripes to polka dots and animal prints, nowadays most brands offer a wealth of different patterned bottoms to choose from.

Certain patterns and prints can also help to accentuate your figure – for example, vertical stripes tend to give the appearance of longer legs, while diagonal shapes accentuate curves.

Go for a design in warm tones (if you’re a Spring/Autumn) such as oranges, pinks and yellows (these colours also have mood boosting properties) that work for your body type and shape in order to feel positive and confident while working out.

  • Stand out with your shoes

Another way of injecting some colour into your fitness sessions is by opting for vibrant footwear. If you’re feeling slightly daunted by the idea of bright tops and bottoms, wearing colourful footwear can be a more subtle way of brightening up your overall outfit.

Pair colourful shoes with a plain outfit to make your feet stand out as you work up a sweat, or go all out and match your footwear with your top and/or leggings for a more coordinated look. The debut Denise Lewis Edit features performance trainers in black, white, pink and lime – not only do they look great, but they’re also lightweight and supportive.

“These trainers are great for running or high impact activity. They’re really comfy and supportive – my feet don’t slip inside and they really grip the ground!” says Denise.

  • Make a statement with a matching set

At the moment, our everyday wardrobes may consist of muted, neutral tones and basic pieces to suit the work-from-home lifestyle. With little opportunity to go out and socialise, you might be looking for a way to breathe colour into your outfits – and activewear is a great way to do this!

Opting for a sports top and bottoms in a vibrant matching shade can contribute to a feeling of empowerment – a unified look can help you feel like you’ve made more of an effort with your outfit, as opposed to if you’d simply thrown on a couple of mismatching pieces. It’ll help you feel more put together and coordinated, in turn promoting confidence and positive performance while you work out.

  • Pick colours that suit you from your palette

The beauty of colour is that it’s so versatile – you can invest in pieces that are light, dark, vibrant or understated depending on your preferences. Ultimately, it’s important to be comfortable while exercising – there’s no point in buying a purple matching set if you’re not going to wear it!

So, if you’re not a fan of eye-catching patterns and bright shades, opt for something a little more muted like plain or patterned navy leggings. Then, couple these with a colour block top for an understated matching look.

Denise’s debut activewear edit features a varied palette to suit all preferences – from bright, block colour vest tops to plain black hoodies.

“I just love this zip up hoody, it’s such a strong piece. It’s perfect to throw on whether you’re coming from the gym and heading out to go shopping or picking up the kids, it’s just easy. The attention to detail is fabulous, a little bit edgy – I like!”

If you’re looking for more advice on finding the colours that work for you, take a look at the rest of the House of Colour Blog for further inspiration.