Introducing our new colour fans

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October, 2021 Announcement  


Our Colour swatches are integral to the Colour Service that we offer our clients. Each client leaves with a record of their best colours so that they can effectively shop with conviction in the knowledge that their palette of colours is going to complement their skin tone perfectly.

These colour swatches were originally made of material and about five years ago we swapped, due to a need to simplify the manufacturing process and & cost, to a precision printed card wallet which worked perfectly well.

Unfortunately, COVID resulted in our manufacturer of the leather wallets going into liquidation and literally the first week of being MD in the UK, I had my first challenge… find an alternative… whilst keeping the quality we needed but we literally were going to run out of stock of our wallets fast!

I should say that I am eternally grateful for the integrity of our consultants who supported their new clients during the time when we were out of stock. Our clients were also so patient with us…thank you.

Without boring you all with the details, it is safe to say that sourcing a supplier who can make bespoke colour analysis tools has been extremely challenging! At House of Colour each of our seasons has 36 colours that were defined 36 years ago and are unique to our Colour Analysis process. I didn’t want to go down the generic route and depart from our original colours. With lots of delving into fabric/clothes and textile manufacturing I finally found our new British partner and I am delighted to say that our new fans are being launched this week.

They contain 36 fabric swatches, with their names beside them – and this fabric is the same as the fabric our consultants use to colour analyse, which I believe our clients will appreciate. They are all contained in a modern fan style which, I think, brings a contemporary look to the product.

What I love is that the fans are vegan friendly and recyclable which is very important to us at House of Colour, and they are manufactured in Britain! I feel so proud to support British industry.

They should still be used the same as the previous wallet:

• Pick your garment you wish to purchase or that is in your wardrobe
• Use your Colour Words for your season – does it fit with some of these words?
• Lay the fan over the garment – does it harmonise with colours in the fan?
• Does it look ‘happy in its colour family’

I hope you love them as much as we do… these fans are one of the many ways we are updating our products and services in line with our clients’ needs and we are all excited about the years ahead!

The fans will be available for existing clients to purchase during the coming weeks.

All clients who currently have a plastic temporary card holder will receive their replacement fan shortly.  We are working hard to get these fans into stock to our consultants so that new clients can receive them at their colour analysis but please bear with us as we undertake this roll out across the world. 

All existing clients who wish to buy a new fan in the future will be able to do so when they come into stock.