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September, 2021 Fashion Update  


Does that fill you with excitement or a sense of dread?

I love this time of year, the change in seasons excites me and September always feels like a fresh start more so than ever after the last eighteen months. It’s a chance to re-evaluate, to look at what I spend my time doing and how my wardrobe supports that. I like my clothes to work hard for – at least 30 wears per piece.

But it wasn’t always like that, my heart used to sink when I saw articles about new trends. I had no idea what to buy, I felt overwhelmed and I didn’t want to waste my money on clothes I didn’t wear, so I bought nothing and felt fed up, frumpy and dated.

Fashion is fun, but all too often we take it very seriously and we want to “be on trend” but then we buy the must have piece of the season and end up feeling like we are in someone else’s clothes. Or we deliberately shun the trends and end up feeling stale.

So how do we change that?

Dress for the life you want has never been more apt than now. As we emerge from lockdown, at our own varying paces, we have a unique opportunity to shape how our life looks (of course, we always had that power but somehow lockdown has heightened that)

You may work more from home, you may not socialise as much, you may exercise more? OK I may have gone too far with that last one!

However you are feeling, and whatever you need your clothes to do and say, the new trends are a great time to refresh your look, reflect on how you spend your time and buy mindfully. As the shops fill up with the new season collections, I would invite you to look carefully before you buy.

So how can you learn to navigate the trends I hear you ask…..

Look no further, House of Colour have got your back. Twice a year we bring out our Trend Report – rammed full of the latest trends. The difference with us is when we say “must have items”, we mean MUST HAVE FOR YOU!

That’s the secret – a chunky cable knit is a must have for me this season but may not be for you. You may totally rock a high neck blouse, I certainly do not.

We can also help you with where find the trends, how to style them and make them your own all the while ensuring that sure that you are spending your money effectively.

Some of the big trends to look out for this season are:

Cable knits

Tonal tailoring

Leather blazers

Midi skirts

Knee high boots

Our stylists are poised and ready to help you navigate the new season in whatever way suits you best. We can work with you 121, as part of a group or even send you the reports so you can read up at leisure. All you need to do is let us know how we can help, we’re waiting!

Blog written by Jane Brook,

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