The Importance of Self-Expression

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January, 2021 Capsule Wardrobe Colour Analysis Personal Style  


We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘Dress to Impress’. However, here at House of Colour we’re more interested in the need to ‘Dress to EXPRESS’. We’re passionate about helping people to live more authentically and we love showing them how to use colour and personal style to express who they are more fully.

Many people feel the pressure to conform and to follow the fashion trends on the high street, and while it’s good to feel current and give a nod to the latest trends, the danger of doing this too much is that we lose our individuality, in our pursuit of the latest ‘look’. It may feel safer, however, to feel like we’re ‘fitting in’. Many fear that standing out and doing our own thing will lead to judgement, ridicule or rejection. We may not feel safe enough or even good enough to let the world see our true selves.

This makes me think about three things that self-expression seems to require: COURAGE, CONFIDENCE and SELF-ACCEPTANCE: Do we feel brave enough to stand out from the crowd, to be unique, to sing our own song? Do we have the confidence to believe in ourselves and to accept that we are good enough, just as we are?

What I have found is that, as well as requiring these three elements, however, self-expression also CREATES these elements in our lives. When I’m wearing something that feels like ‘me’, I feel more courageous, more confident and more accepting of who I am. So I think of self-expression as the ultimate power tool: it elevates and brightens our mood. It brings joy and positivity to ourselves and to those around us. It also gives an unspoken permission to others to be true to themselves too. So as you shine, you help others to shine alongside you.

I often get stopped in the street by strangers commenting on what I’m wearing, and I hear them say that they don’t have the courage or the confidence to wear bright colours or clothes that would make them ‘stand out’. My reply is always the same, that it’s the other way round: colour and personal style GIVE us a sense of courage and confidence! It strikes me that many people are waiting for a feeling of confidence to magically descend out of nowhere, a sudden sense of transformation, and only then will they wear the colours and rock the style that they’ve always admired or desired.

How about we stop waiting for magic? Why not connect with, honour and celebrate who you are, right now, and start sharing this with the world? It may be a slow and ongoing process for most of us, but slowly and surely, as we shift into a deeper sense of understanding, connection and appreciation of ourselves, we can let go of the sense of not being good enough. This in turn will create space for authentic self-expression and help us to celebrate the fullness of who we are.

As we enter a new year, why not make a commitment to yourself that this is your time to shine? Let this be one of your new year’s resolutions: to book a session with your local House of Colour consultant, and start the journey of becoming more you! Your consultant will be delighted to support you on this journey, giving you the information, the knowledge and the encouragement you need to enter a whole new world of colour, personal style, positivity and inspiration, and help you to look good, feel good and know how to DRESS TO EXPRESS!

Happy New Year!

Keri Johnson

House of Colour, Bath
07941 007672

Instagram: @houseofcolour_bath