The power of neutrals

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August, 2016 News  



Did you know that colour is more memorable than black and white? Well, you love colour so you probably guessed – and research published by the American Psychological Association has proved it. Colour is, in fact, 10% more memorable than monochrome.

Coral with spring neutrals

The trouble is… and this may sound strange coming from us… the same research suggests that too much colour has the opposite effect. If you overdo it, your viewer’s sub-conscious mind dismisses you as forgettable and unimportant. When you want to project authority, especially at work, that isn’t great.

How do you find that compromise between too much colour and too little? It’s time to unleash the power of neutrals.


Dark neutrals are the core foundation of your business wardrobe. Your investment pieces should be in your dark neutrals – a great quality suit, shoes, briefcase or belt.

Hyacinth with summer neutrals

So which are your best neutrals? Are you tempted by black, it does get promoted in Fashion Magazines a lot and culturally it has been used as the colour for business? It’s an obvious one, but try and avoid it… unless you’re a winter. For most of us, it emphasises dark circles and makes us look a bit tired.  

Here’s a quick guide to your season’s neutrals:

Winter: White, Silver, Light grey, Grey, Charcoal, Black, Indigo, Navy, Mole and Stone.
Summer: Pink beige, Mushroom, Rose brown, Winter white, French navy, Dark blue grey, Light blue grey, Airforce blue and Burgundy.
Autumn: Dark brown, Tan, Oyster, Coffee, Camel, Beige, Khaki, Lizard grey, Dark olive, Bronze and Navy.
Spring: Chocolate, Beige, Dove grey, Light dove grey, Bright navy, Oxford blue, Tan, Honey, Oatmeal and Cream.


Once you’ve identified the neutrals, those all-important splashes of colour make you unique and memorable. It could be a top, lipstick, scarf, bag or jewellery. Choose the right colour and you’ll be noticed for all the right reasons.

Orange with autumn neutrals

When you want to go for that maximum authority look, go for a plain dark neutral jacket worn over your season’s white – then add one of your double star colours as an accessory or a top for example.  

Electric blue with winter neutrals

If you’re unsure of your season, or you’re wondering about those double star `wow’ colours, why not book yourself into a local colour analysis class.  If you’ve already had a colour rating, have you thought about coming back for a business rating? It’s all about how to wear impact colours with neutrals to create authority and confidence at work.

Get in touch with your local personal stylist to find out more.