Valentine’s Day: All you need is Love – and a Red lipstick!

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February, 2021 Colour Analysis Make-up News Personal Style  


Red is always in fashion. Diane Vreeland, legendary editor of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, expressed her enthusiasm for it ‘ I have spent my life searching for the perfect red.’

Sometimes I wonder if I am Red’s second greatest fan, but I guess Coco Chanel, Christian Louboutin and Armani are way ahead of me!

Blue is the colour most loved globally but red tops the league for visibility, excitement and extreme reaction. Teams wearing red win. Red ‘Sale’ signs make us buy. Red energises.

I find that many of my Colour Analysis clients fear wearing red, but when they try, they love it, as these emails following Colour Analysis show: ‘I’ve bought a red coat. I get loads of compliments. You’ve given me a new lease of life!

PS I’ve got on my poppy red lipstick too, in my pyjamas!’ ‘I’m wearing my geranium red top this morning and already have had three compliments!’

In the past, a long-lasting red dye was difficult to acquire and consequently expensive, so this colour was worn by only the rich and those considered of high status: royalty, nobility, the church. The introduction of synthetic dyes in the 19th Century made red easily available to everyone, but associations of authority, and confidence still cling to it.

I try hard not to sigh or frown when people tell me  ‘Red only looks good on people with dark hair’ or ‘Red only looks good on blondes’ ‘Red heads can’t wear red.’  

All so wrong! Everyone can wear red.

We just need to find the correct hues for our skin tones. Primary red can be worn whatever your colouring. The reason is quite logical. It sits bang at the centre of the colour wheel and works for each colour season. You will see it called middle red, poppy or scarlet.

Warm based skin tones (Autumns and Springs)  choose tomato, geranium and orange reds . Or go richer to terracotta and rust, brighter to  orange and tangerine or deeper to chestnut.

The blue based equivalents which work for cool based skin tones ( Winters and Summers) include delicious cherry, berry, raspberry, carmine or go deeper into burgundy.

I love a head- to- toe, Lady in Red look. If you are wary of that go first for accents: a scarf, gloves, belt, bag or a pattern.  A red necklace enlivens any neutral dress, a red top works under a neutral jacket.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to get Zoom- ready with a fashionable red lipstick!  Our web shop shows the range of reds and other flattering lipsticks for your season.  For a limited time only get an extra 15% off lipsticks using the code LIPS15! (Offer runs from the 8th-14th February 2021)

When wearing a mask try a lip pencil all over the lips. This won’t stain your mask and you’ll look great when the mask is removed. Find the three lip pencils for your season  

So, whether your aim is to look cool or hot, .to banish the Blues, to brighten everyone’s day or make fabulous  Zoom impact, do try a splash of red. Cheers!

Blog written by Fiona Ingham

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